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Beat the high cost of large door installation!
Save thousands on that new door for your . . .
* Aircraft Hangar * Farm Building *
 * Ultility Building * Equipment Shed *

The Ultimate Door Hardware Kits include all the metal parts needed for construction of your door & the lifting system, down to but not including the counterweight & winch.  You purchase the required wood and fiberglass locally and save on shipping costs.   Straight track and Custom Curved Tracks are also included with each kit.   Door operates with a Brake Winch or a  Worm Gear Winch (also known as a boat winch).

The Construction Drawings and Assembly Procedure included with each kit show you, step by step, how to construct your door.

Originally designed by my father, Bob Ladd, this door has been sold for over 30 years to many satisfied customers.  This is a rugged, yet light-weight overhead aircraft hangar door that is easy to operate.

The advantages of this unique one-piece door include the ability of using hangar floor space right up to the door;  when in the raised position it provides an awning-like projection for protection from sun and rain; when closed, sunlight is diffused throught the translucent fiberglass panels, making the hangar interior bright without increasing utility costs.  Can be insulated for cold weather!

We're located at..
5083 N. 107th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53225
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For more information, or brochure,
Call us at #414-368-3148 or 
e-mail us at

Ultimate Door Kit Sizes

For Door Widths of 32 ft to 40 ft
Up to 10 ft high - Kit A-10  $1055
10 ft to 12 ft high - Kit A-12  $1075
12 ft to 14 ft high - Kit A-14  $1095

For Door Widths over 40 ft up to 48 ft
Up to 10 ft high - Kit B-10    $1240
10 ft to 12 ft high - Kit B-12  $1260
12 ft to 14 ft high - Kit B-14  $1280
(Plans included with all kits above)
Construction Plans Only - $35.00
Total Cost to build your door, including the price of our
kit, should be around $2,850 to $3,700. This includes
the cost of materials you need to purchase.
There have many door kits sold 
throughout the U.S. and Canada, so please contact us if you would
like to know if there is a door located somewhere close to you, for you to see in person!
Many years ago you could see our door at the movies!  
Our door appeared in the movie released  on November 2, 2001 called Domestic Disturbance, starring John Travolta & Vince Vaughn.  Paramount Studios purchased one of our door kits to use to build a door for the boathouse in this movie.  It's easy to spot in the movie, as it is the one that goes up in flames!  However, you can still tell it's ours!
Samples of some customers' completed doors ...
This one is in South Carolina...

Here & below shows one of our doors in Arkansas in closed and open position.
Stress Analysis for the Ultimate Door, inc.
Limits- Elastic/Ultimate              Location-Coastal        Construction - 2' X 4'
    Wood Type
Door WhiteSitkaDouglasYellowWhite
HeightPine     Redwood   Spruce   Fir      Pine   AshBirchHickory
 9ft 6 in.    76/9480/9679/9786/104  87/111      91/116     96/124      100/135
10ft 0 in.   72/8976/91        75/92 82/99  83/106       86/110     92/118       95/128
10ft 6 in.    68/85       72/87       71/88 78/94   79/101      82/105      87/112      91/122
11ft 0 in.    65/8169/83       68/84 75/90   76/9678/100      83/107      87/116
11ft 6 in.    62/7766/7965/80 71/86          72/92        75/9680/102      83/111
12ft 0 in.    60/7463/7662/77 68/82   69/88 72/9276/98       79/106
12ft 6 in.    57/7161/7360/74 66/79   66/84 69/8873/9476/102
13ft 0 in.    55/6858/7057/71 63/76   64/81 66/8570/91 73/98
13ft 6 in.    53/6656/6855/68 61/73   62/78 64/82 68/8771/95
14ft 0 in.    51/6354/6553/66 59/70   59/75 61/79 65/8468/91

The chart values shown above are in miles per hour.  These limits were derived using the design
requirements outlined in American National Standard, ANSI A58.1-1982, published by the American National Standards Institute, and apply to the door structure only.
Please note  price increases.
This is the first increase in 9 years, and only because of       rising costs for us.